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SCU (Southern Cross University) – Additional points for immigration, 4 years Temporary Graduate Work Visa, Scholarships


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It seemed like there are lots of inquiries about Australian Universities, especially regional universities in the latter half of the year of 2019. Since the immigration program was changed to spread the population out to regional areas, more areas have become the subject of 5 additional points for a Skilled Independent Visa. In particular, as points vary even depending on whether you are single or married, regional points are not an option but a must.

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Today I am going to showcase the Southern Cross University (hereinafter SCU) is the school which campuses are in the regional areas, so if you study in one of these campuses, you can get an extra 5 points on the Immigration Points Tests. There are also numerous benefits to obtain a PR Visa such as scholarships and the graduate work visa. It’s worth to pay attention.


SCU(Southern Cross University)


Various pathway packages (English / Academic)

Annual scholarship $8,000 until graduation

Numerous courses to get PR in Australia

Cheaper Accommodation comparing to shared housing


SCU is the school which can solve our three problems 1. High tuition fees 2. High entry requirements 3. Courses enable PR Visa.


Let’s take a look closely one by one!

  1. High tuition fees à can get an annual scholarship of $8,000 until graduation.

The scholarship amount varies within countries. If you are Korean, you can get $8,000 annually as a scholarship. If you study for 3 years then you can have a $24,000 scholarship in total. The annual average tuition fees of Australian universities are $30,000 and the tuition fee of USC is lower than the average and also, you can get a scholarship, so the annual tuition fee of some courses which can get you a PR Visa are less than $20,000. (Please see the course details below)


  1. High Entry requirements à various pathway packages (English / Academic)

In general, you can meet the entry requirements of the most courses of SCU, especially the courses which can get you a PR Visa by taking the various pathway packages.


English Language requirements: EAP Package

You can take this package course when you cannot meet the English language requirements.


Academic: Diploma course(1 year) or UQA(15 weeks)/PQP(15 weeks)/CS(6 months)

You can take one of these courses to meet the Academic requirements.


  1. Numerous courses to get PR in Australia

Additional advantages of USC

Other advantages except for the 3 advantages mentioned above.

“Temporary Graduate Work Visa” – Minimum 3 years, Maximum 4 years

There was a change so that the students who studied in low-population zones can be offered a one year extension on the current 2 year Post–study work stream of the Temporary Graduate Visa.  In fact, in some regional areas you can get 2 year extra extension.

Graduate at Gold Coast Campus – can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa up to 3 years.

Graduate at Coffs Harbour campus – can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa up to 4 years. 


“Accomodation costs” – can reduce living costs

It is not common to seek accommodations in the university for the students who already have lived in Australia, but there still are some inquiries. Unlike South Korea, the accommodation costs are much higher than living in shared houses.

However, SCU accommodations are at most 50% cheaper than other universities in Australia.  Furthermore, you can get 6 months free accommodation if you study in Lismore campus.

I showcased USC as a recommendation today. If you ask “how good is this university?” then I cannot answer exactly how good it is, but I can give a definite answer. It is a one of the more reasonable universities as an option to solve the common problems involved with the obtaining of a PR visa such as tuition costs, visa extensions etc.

Consider SCU if you are married, older or/and have fewer employment experiences if you need more points for immigration.



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