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Australian university which can get you regional points in New South Wales. Study nursing at WSU to immigrate with regional points. 

Hello, this is Iworld. 

Image text : WSU Hawkesbury Campus 

The university which can get you regional points in Sydney

Study nursing at WSU to immigrate. 


Due to the many changes in the Australian immigration regulations were being introduced last November, more than 90% of inquiries about university courses and the Australian Skilled independent visa in ‘regional areas’ has been highly increased. 

Today, I am going to introduce the popular Australian university, WSU which is located near Sydney and now one of its campuses -Hawkesbury campus - belongs to the low density regional areas recently announced. 

Sydney is a big city. It can be an attractive point choosing where to study and also can be a disadvantage for immigration to Australia as there is no additional score. Here's some good news for those planning to immigrate to Australia, where low density regional area points are desperately needed. That is, NSW has a city designated as a low-density regional area from end of last year.  The Australian university WSU’s Hawkesbury Campus is now eligible for regional points.


Why study in WSU Hawkesbury Campus 

  • Additional five points for studying in a Low density regional area
  • Temporary Graduate Work Visa 2+ additional one year, so 3 years in total 
  • Scholarship – minimum $5,000 per year, maximum 50% scholarship support for the total tuition fee.  
  • Located within driving distance from Sydney

Postal code 2753 where the Hawkesbury campus of the WSU is located has been classified as a regional campus as it has been included in Regional centres and other areas. 


In fact, while consulting with those trying to immigrate by studying nursing and those who want to study the nursing course in NSW, we introduced only one school in Amidale as a school that can get regional points. However, this area was about six hours away from Sydney, so it was hard to say that located to near Sydney. 

The Hawkesbury campus is located within a one hour drive, or two- hours by public transport from Sydney, it is a ‘near Sydney’ and a ‘low density regional area’ campus.  This can be a great advantage for those planning to get a PR visa.


WSU Hawkesbury Campus –available courses

One of the more popular courses at WSU Hawkesbury campus is nursing.

WSU boasts its stable clinical placements with state-of-the-art clinical facilities. The nursing course in WSU consistently ranks high in various world rankings. The ranking doesn’t really matter for your employment, but the ranking shows that the school is trying to maintain the faculty, the employment rate of graduates and the facilities. 


Bachelor of Nursing (Standard) / Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)

Start time:  March

Duration: 3 years (Standard)/ 2 years (Graduate Entry)

Campuses: Hawkesbury, Parramatta, Campbelltown and Liverpool City

Annual Fees: $30,480 (standard)/ $38,100 (GE)

Entry requirement: IELTS 7.0 (Each 7.0)



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