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Australian Universities: CQU (Cheap Tuition, Scholarships, Low Density Community Campus)


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One of the biggest concerns for those considering studying in Australia seems to be high tuition. The duration of study at an Australian university is 3 years (4 years for some departments) and is shorter than that of a Korean university. However, the average annual tuition for Australian universities is around AU$ 30,000, which is higher than the average tuition for Korean universities. It seems that many international students consider it burdensome to study in Australia for this reason.

So, today I would like to introduce CQU (Central Queensland University), which is famous for its affordable tuition fees in Australia. Although CQU has a small percentage of Korean students, it is popular among Southeast Asian students due to its low tuition fees and low admission barriers such as grades and academic background.

CQU remains low in Australia's university rankings and it ranks around the 601-650 in the QS World University rankings. (Compared to the Korean universities that went up in the QS world university ranking, Jeonbuk University, Hanlim University, Konkuk University and Aju University have moved up to similar rankings.) However, the employment rate of graduates (Graduate outcome) is the highest among Australia’s universities. In addition to that, the quality of the lectures is considered to be excellent and the students' level of satisfaction with the school is very high.

CQU has a main campus in an Australian city with a population of less than 100,000, which means that the school has a low degree of recognition and is not a university that attracts a lot of attention from international students. However, it is the university that has a lot of advantages such as low tuition fees, additional regional score for obtaining permanent residency in Australia, internship opportunities, relatively low admission requirements, scholarships to international students, and well-equipped online classes

CQU has 16 campuses across Australia, making it one of Australia's largest number of campuses. On average, Australian universities have between 1 and 5 campuses, but CQU seems to have a large number of campuses, but in fact, it consists of smaller campuses except for the Rockhampton Campus (CQU main campus)

Currently, CQU campuses are located in various major Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. In the case of campuses in major cities, 5 to 10 floors of a building are operated as campuses, so you may feel that the campus looks more like a private school than a university. Likewise, the CQU campus in Sydney City also only runs business, IT and accounting courses


Rockhampton, where CQU's main campus is located, is a small city with a total population of less than 100,000 people. However, CQU is considered as the most important place for the regional economy in the city since it produces the second largest number of employees.

CQU University's Rockhampton Campus could be a great option if you are considering immigration after studying at Australian universities because of the low tuition and low-density population which enables you to get regional score for independent technology immigration.

If you compare the average tuition fees between CQU University and other Australian universities, it is already on the lower side, but considering the scholarships offered by CQU, it may be cheaper. In addition, Korean students can receive 20% of the tuition fees as scholarships. 


<Annual tuition fee with scholarship applied>

-Department of Nursing: $ 28,410-> $ 22,728 (1 year / 2019)

-Podiatry:  $ 29,250-> $ 23,400 (1 year / 2019)

-Education: $ 24,000-> $ 19,200 (1 year / 2019)

-Engineering:  $ 32,160-> $ 25,728 (1 year / 2019)

-IT: $ 29,040-> $ 23,232 (1 year / 2019)


Course Name: Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Period: 4 years (8 semesters)

Admission Date: March

Tuition: $ 30,510 (1 year / 2019)

Admission requirements (education): Korean high school graduation or higher (70%)

Admission Requirements (English): IELTS 7.0 (each 7.0)


-One-year tuition fee with Korean scholarship applied: $ 24,408

-available to choose from Rockhampton Campus / Bundaberg Campus

-Official English score must be submitted (Pathway not possible)


Course Name: Bachelor of Nursing

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Admission Dates: March / July

Tuition: $ 28,410 (1 year / 2019)

Admission requirements (education): Korean high school graduation or higher (70%)

Admission Requirements (English): IELTS 7.0 (each 7.0) or PTE 65 (each 65)


-One-year tuition fee with Korean scholarship applied: $ 22,728

-available to choose from Rockhampton Campus / Bundaberg Campus

-Official English score must be submitted (Pathway not possible)


If you study on a local campus in CQU, such as Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Cairns, etc., you will receive an additional 5 regional scores when you apply for permanent residency in Australia through independent technology immigration. In addition, as the online class system is well equipped, up to 25% of classes can be replaced by online classes, and early graduation is also possible through ‘Trimiester’, a three-semester system per year.


In addition to the scholarship system for Korean students (Academic Scholarship 20%, Regional Scholarship 20%) provided by CQU, as mentioned above, 25% of tuition discount is also provided for language study at affiliated language schools. ($ 375 per week-> $ 280)

The CQU I introduced today provides


▶ 5 points for low-density regional scores:

A good option for those who considering immigration after studying in Australia

▶ Affordable tuition: 

scholarships can save you even more money

These seem to be the two biggest advantages.

As I mentioned earlier, CQU University is not a well-known university, but it has many advantages, so I recommend CQU as a cost-effective Australian university



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