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USC (University of Sunshine Coast) 2020-2021 Scholarship


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As the situations are getting difficult and unpredictable because of COVID19, Australian universities, colleges, and language schools are offering a variety of ways to help students. Among these aids are the benefits of scholarships and these scholarships are granted to newly enrolled students as well as students currently studying on-shore with an Australian student visa.


Today we would like to introduce the newly announced scholarship program at USC (Sunshine Coast University), one of the Australian universities that has received many inquiries recently.


Why University of Sunshine Coast?

USC is a school that has gained a great deal of recognition as a method of acquiring permanent residence in Australia as a nurse after graduating from the Department of Nursing. As the tuition fee is relatively low and there is a possibility that you can get the additional 5 points for independent immigration as a regional area score. USC is getting more and more attention from international students who want to obtain a permanent residence in Australia. In addition to that, USC runs diverse departments that allow you to obtain a permanent residence besides nursing such as Engineering, IT, Education, Business, Science, and Health etc.

It seems that the relatively cheaper tuition fees than other Australian universities and the diversity of the departments that students can enroll in February and July are the factors that draw international students’ interests.


USC Scholarship InformationISO (International Student Outlook) Scholarship

Enrollment for the entire 2021 and the semester starts in July 2020: 15% scholarship of the entire course tuition fee This time, the USC scholarship will be applied to the whole duration of register. Unlike the Australian universities’ conventional scholarship system, which has been operated before COVID19, USC offers students the scholarship though they have already received the offer letter or paid the tuition.

1. In case of having received an offer letter only
: Students will receive a newly amended offer letter with scholarships applied

2. In case of having signed an offer letter or paid tuition already
Students can receive the scholarship with credit. * Credit can be used when paying tuition for the next semester. (No additional application required)

3. If students are studying English courses after registering <English + Bachelor / Master's Package>
Same as No.2


USC scholarship requirements

All new and current students enrolled in the USC campus in Queensland -Applicable to all bachelor’s and master's programs except English courses -The scholarship cannot be combined with any other offer. (* Selective with larger scholarship) In fact, as mentioned above, USC’s tuition fee is relatively cheap among Australian universities. Given that the average annual tuition for most USC Bachelor's Degrees is around $ 26,000, you can save over $3,500 when the scholarship is applied. Currently, this is a good opportunity for students who are considering enrolling in July.


USC’s popular course tuition fee after scholarship is applied

(* 2020 standard annual tuition) -Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood): $ 24,000-> $ 20,400 -Bachelor of Engineering: $ 29,600-> $ 25,160 -Bachelor of Nursing (inc. GE process): $ 28,400-> $ 24,140 -Bachelor of Occupational Therapy: $ 27,400 -> $ 23,290 -Bachelor of Social work: $ 25,000-> $ 21,250 -Bachelor of Information Technology: $ 24,000-> $ 20,400 ________________ The above is the amount of tuition fee of the most popular departments among those who aim to obtain permanent residence in Australia. Although the above departments are often not included in the Australian’s scholarship system because of their popularity, USC scholarship includes all major departments this time.  Especially, the USC campus is located in a low density area, and it seems to be a great advantage for those who hope to obtain additional score when applying for independent technology immigration. If you are aiming to immigrate to Australia, please take this opportunity.




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