Kings Own Institute (KOI) Scholarship Information - affordable Higher Education in Australia

2020-04-21 17:26

With the expansion of Australia's low-density areas and the new announcement of 491 and 494 visas in November 2019, the number of inquiries about low-density area universities has been extremely increased. Temporary Graduate Visas are now applicable for 1-2 additional years after studying in low-density areas of Australia. In addition to that, at the visa examination of 491 and 494 visas, which was recently enforced, priority examination was applied to students studying in low-density areas. Therefore, it is definitely recommended to study in a lower-density area than in the Australian capital for those who prepare for Australian permanent residence with Skilled Independent Visa or Work Visa.

However, low population density literally means that the population is low. Being a suburb, it has fewer jobs compared to Australia's big cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane), and the job competitive rate is also higher. In addition, there are some people who are not satisfied with the monotonous living environment of low-density areas. For this reason, it may not be an easy decision to move to low population cities, especially for those who have previously studied or worked in Sydney or a large city with Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa. And a number of renowned Australian universities are located far more in the big cities, so students residing in the city can have more options in their school choices

KOI School Introduction-Bachelor and master’s degree in Accounting / IT

Scholarships can be of great benefit to students preparing to study in Australia for permanent residence in Australia. The KOI (King's Own Institute) school in Sydney provides scholarships to students planning to enroll in 2020.

KOI operates a bachelor's degree and master's degree in accounting and IT, both of which can be applied for permanent residence with Skilled Independent Visa after studying. After graduating from accounting, it is true that obtaining permanent residence as an Australian accountant has become very difficult, but accountants still belong to occupations which are applicable for permanent residence.

The IT (Information Technology) course is also an academic course where you can apply for permanent residence in Australia. With the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the IT industry is growing rapidly in the world and it is expected to develop further in the future. For that reason, regardless of gender, IT is a popular Australian department that many people choose to study now.

Introduction of KOI Scholarship (KOI International Student Scholarship2020)

  1. Courses for which scholarships can be applied
Bachelor of Information Technology $ 14,500 / year-> $ 13,500 / year with scholarship

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) $ 13,500 / year-> $ 12,500 / year with scholarship

Bachelor of Business (Management & Finance) $ 13,500 / year-> $ 12,500 / year with scholarship

Master of Information Technology $ 17,000 / year-> $ 16,000 / year with scholarship

Master of Professional accounting $ 15,500 / year-> $ 14,500 / year with scholarship

​2. Scholarship Value

Up to $ 500 per semester / $ 1,000 per year

Corresponding to the total course period

** To maintain the semester's $ 500 scholarship,

all grades completed in the previous semester must be Pass or higher **
  1. Scholarship application conditions (when applying in Korea)
[In case of Bachelor of Accounting / IT]

-Average of 70% or more of high school grades graduated within 2 years

-IELTS or PTE overall 6.5 or higher

[In case of Master of Accounting / IT]

-An average of 60% or more of the bachelor's grades graduated within 3 years

-IELTS or PTE overall 6.5 or higher
  1. Scholarship application conditions (when applying in Australia)
-Pass or higher grades while attending school or graduation