Australian Hotel College ICHM - enrol in a master of international Hotel management without a bachelor’s degree.

2020-06-27 15:55
As the shutdown regulations are gradually eased so that many hospitality industry workers are getting back to their work. Although there is a ban on overseas travel in Australia, travel restrictions are getting removed gradually so that the restaurant, pub, hotel and tourism industries will go back into business again.       

Some Australian citizens or permanent residents arriving in Australia from overseas are quarantined in a hotel for 14 days so hotel workers are still working to provide the services

Most students who are preparing to study in Australia are interested in hospitality courses and most of them have worked before in the hospitality field. Unfortunately, there was a change in Australian immigration regulation a few years ago and it became very hard to get a PR visa through studying hospitality courses. However, the Australian governments are investing heavily in the tourism industry and its education. Moreover, applying for jobs in the hotel and tourism service industries, the qualifications and experience from overseas are highly regarded. Thus, many graduates from Australian hotel colleges are working in hospitality fields around the world after completing hospitality courses in Australia.   

Why we recommend the bachelor’s and master’s courses in Hospitality Management.    

Many Australian Hotel courses include paid industry placements in its program. Currently, many Australian students work at four or five-star hotels and restaurants in various positions and they can learn and experience while they serve various clients and customers. 

Due to the course duration of the Diploma being only one year, there is no industry placement or it is too short for only 3-6 months compared to the bachelor’s or master’s degree course.


Through the ICHM pre-master course, enrollment is a little easier and graduation is shorter. 

There are many hotel colleges in Australia, but among them, ICHM which is located in Adelaide, South Australia offers the Pre-master program that is a postgraduate course, as a pathway into the ICHM Master of International Hotel Management.
[6 months of Pre-master course + direct entry into 2 years of the Master of International Hotel Management = 2.5 years study duration in total]

ICHM Pre-master course Introduction

Pre-masters (For advanced diploma students)

-Duration: six months
-Start Date: Every January and July
-English entry requirement: IELTS overall 6.0(Each 5.5)
-Academic requirements: Students who hold an advanced diploma or associate degree in Australia (regardless of the major)
-Total tuition Fees: 14,470 (As of 2020)
-Direct entry into the Master of International Hotel Management once this course is completed. 


During the six months of Pre-master courses, students will study four subjects which are related to hotel management. After completing this course successfully, students can qualify for entry into the Master of International Hotel Management.


The advantage of the ICHM Pre-master program and Master of International Hotel Management.


>> Pre-master program 
  1. Direct entry into the Master of International Hotel Management after completing the program. 
  2. Lower English requirement - IELTS 6.0 (generally, English requirements for the master’s degree is IELTS overall6.5)
  3. The Program consists of four subjects which are the same as the Master’s course - The composition of the classes is the same as the master's course.  
  4. Apply for this program even without a bachelor’s degree but with an advanced diploma or associate degree. 
  5. Adelaide which is in a regional area - affordable/lower living costs and rent than other big cities. 

>> ICHM’s Master of International Hotel Management course
  1. chosen as the best hotel college in Australia for 2 years consequently. (QILT Survey 2019, 2020) 
  2. Paid industry placement - during the last semester (for six months, four or five- star hotel)   
  3. The course has been endorsed by the Swiss Hotel Association (SHA)
  4. Small group class - a good percentage of domestic and international students(about 50:50)
  5. Resume Face to face classes from July 2020
  6. Eligible for maximum of three years for a temporary graduate visa -regional area  
  7. Eligible for a scholarship - 10% of the total tuition fee. (Please contact Iworld for more details!)


Career opportunities after studying the Hotel management course


There are more career options that you would have thought after graduating from the hotel management courses. Generally, students start as Food & Beverage, Front desk, Concierge and/or Rooms division manager during their work placement and later move on to positions such as HR, Finance and accounting, Events and/or General manager as they gain work experience and learn subjects related with business and management.  


The hotel Management course includes units such as Event management, Business, Hotel Management, Hospitality, and Tourism so there is no limit to the number of jobs in this industry.  However, just because you can easily find jobs around you, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to study. It is a job in which you should communicate with the clients and provide services all the time so a service mindset and being able to control your emotions are important. Australian hotel colleges provide students chances to gain work experience throughout the various theory classes and internships. If you want to study hotel management courses in Australia regardless of obtaining permanent residency, and if you want to have a job where you can work in various positions not only in Australia but also around the world after graduation, iWORLD recommends highly you to study the hotel management course at ICHM.