WSU(Western Sydney University) : Social Work degrees, Scholarships, Australian PR and Career outcomes

2020-06-25 18:39
How many Australian universities do you know? Students know well-known universities like those of the G8 or a few universities with, especially popular courses. 

Today, iWORLD is going to introduce WSU(Western Sydney University) that has many advantages but is not yet widely known to international students. Its undergraduate and master’s courses in Social Work can be used to apply for the Australian PR visa. 

| Why WSU? (Western Sydney University)

  • One of the most rapidly growing universities which are ranked the top 2% of universities worldwide. 
WSU is a fast-growing university that has a short history of fewer than 30 years.  It ranked 86th among universities under 50 years old worldwide and ranked in the top two percent of universities worldwide by the Times. Also, it has received five stars in the QS university evaluation in the Teaching and innovation categories. 
  • It is one of the Australian national universities that have many foreign students.  
In WSU there are more than 40,000 students from 160 countries. About 15% are international students. It is a university with a high percentage of domestic students. 
  • Operates with its unique array of courses within 10 campuses 
As you can see from the video, WSU runs 10 campuses in NSW and each campus hosts its own unique array of courses. It is eligible to get additional points for the Skilled Independent visa(189) if you study at the Hawkesbury campus of WSU. 
  • In a good location! WSU is in Parramatta which is the 2nd CBD of Sydney
Parramatta, where WSU is located, is to become the second CBD of Syndey and is the third biggest city in NSW. Being the second CBD means that various global companies, major businesses, and organizations are settled in Parramatta and WSU builds a close network with the community industry. In the future, it will be a great help to the field practice and employment. Besides, there are many job opportunities in this area because of projects related to the new airport and regional development plans.   

Australian PR pathway: Social Work courses at WSU

Social  Work courses are where you can apply for PR(Permanent residence) in Australia after graduation. 

When considering applying for immigration after studying abroad, students usually prefer short courses, so there are more inquiries about a two-year master's course than a four-year bachelor's course in Social Work.

Let’s take a closer look at the master’s course! 

Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
Duration: 2 years
Start date: March
Campus: Parramatta city
Tuition: $26,760/Y
Entry requirements: IELTS 7.0 (6.5 in each band)
have completed a bachelor degree in a relevant field or completed at least 8 units in the relevant study of human society
*Please contact us for the course name and details! 

If you start the master’s degree in Social Work, classes run case studies, discussions, and research under the premise that most basic knowledge is known. Therefore, classes can be difficult without any basic knowledge. That's why the entry requirement states` that students have to complete the relevant bachelor's degrees or related units.

Q : If I haven’t completed the bachelor’s degree or haven’t studied the units in a relevant field, then it is impossible to get an offer? 

A : No! there is a solution. You can go through a bridging program. 🙂 

Postgraduate Bridging Program(Social Work)
Duration: 6 months
Start date: July
Campus: Parramatta South, Liverpool city
Annual Tuition: $13,380

The duration of WSU’s bridging program is 6 months so students can finish their study in 2.5 years. To apply for an Australian PR after graduation, the requirement is IELTS 7.0 and the registration is needed so students have to prepare before graduation.  

 Secondly, this is the guide to WSU’s bachelor’s degree in Social Work courses which students can choose from if they don't have a bachelor's degree.

Bachelor of Social Work
Duration: 4 years
Start date: March
Campus: Parramatta south, Liverpool city
Annual tuition: $26,240
Entry requirements: IELTS 6.5 (6.0 in each band)


WSU provides the scholarship with international students, $5,000 ~ $7,500 annually. Please contact us in regards to Scholarships for international students.


What kind of job you think of when you see the word ‘Social Work’. As a matter of fact, there are many different fields where students can work after graduating from Social Work courses. Students may think social workers only work at hospitals and welfare facilities but there are also many other jobs at educational institutions such as schools, counselling centres, and government agencies such as social services policy centres. Welfare centres are also divided into various areas such as child protection institutions, family health counselling centres, mental health departments, and government housing services.

Some people ask why the Social Work course requires IELTS 7.0 even though it's not a nursing course that is doing a critical role where human lives are concerned. It may be because it is hard to obtain the English test results to satisfy the conditions of university admission or registration of social workers association or PR requirements, but as you can see the above-mentioned jobs, language skills are essential for social workers because they have to provide necessary information and support to various people. 

Among the universities in Sydney, WSU offers options for students including the bachelor’s and master's courses and bridging courses for master's courses which is why many students chose WSU. Please contact us If you’d like to know if you can get an offer without the Bridging program.