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2020-06-02 19:19

Studying in Australia: University preparation courses (Foundation, Diploma) at the UTS Insearch!

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Recently, I have gotten several inquiries from Korean high school graduates who want to go to university in Australia.  Some of them were interested in preparation courses or English courses first because they weren’t satisfied with the entry requirements even though they had submitted their Korean S.A.T results and high school transcripts or because they couldn’t meet the English requirements. Also, some of them were not confident in their English to follow the lectures at the university. 

Therefore, today I am going to explain in detail the #university preparation courses for the students who [don’t meet the English language requirements] or [academic requirements for entry] or [want to study the background knowledge of your future study field gradually.] 

Direct entry into undergraduate degrees – Foundation courses

# Foundation courses are specially tailored university entry programs for the students who graduate high schools in countries other than Australia. Through this course, the international students who haven’t experienced the Australian high school programs will acquire the basic knowledge of their future study and they can get used to the Australian Education system. Besides, they can develop their English language proficiency further.  Students will learn academic vocabulary, expressions and essay writings rather than daily English.  Essay writing is one of the key elements in the Australian education curriculum.

Direct entry into undergraduate degrees – Diploma degrees 

# Diploma courses are Vocational Education Trainings usually known as one of the practical skill educations for work, but this is more similar to one of the preparation courses for your university studies. Compared to the foundation course, you can study more deeply in your study field and once you finish the diploma you can join straight into the second year of your degree. Students prefer to choose this course because there are many advantages such as: before going to university they can learn their subjects more easily in advance, the tuition fee is relatively low, entry requirements are lower and it is a potential pathway to university.  Courses vary according to schools; UTS Insearch has the course subjects of business, science, information technology, design & architecture, engineering, media, etc.

School recommendation 

# UTS Insearch is the official pathway provider to the University of Technology Sydney,
#UTS, and it offers an academic English program
and the university foundation studies. Students who want to go to UTS take English courses
or foundation studies or diploma courses at UTS Insearch.
Students can earn credit points with their one-year foundation studies
but the credit points will vary according to your course. ☺

Besides you can get credits from your foundation studies when you go to university, there are many advantages.  The small-sized class enables you to receive personal feedback
from teachers and UTS Insearch students have access to facilities at UTS, student clubs and associations. 

>> Foundation studies 

There are two types of foundation courses according to the studying period. This course is mainly for the students who have completed high school in countries other than Australia or the students who have completed Year 11 successfully. During this course they can choose elective subjects for their future study at the university.  It is an important step that helps you build up the essential academic ability to prepare in advance.   


> >Diploma 

UTS has various courses to choose from. UTS Insearch designs diploma courses in collaboration with UTS. It has various diploma courses compared to other institutions and it helps students to learn more systematically.    

Diploma of Business is towards a Bachelor of Business or Economics (Accounting, Business, HR, Marketing, etc.)

Diploma of Communication is towards a Communication degree (Journalism, Digital and Social Media, Law, etc.)

Diploma of Design & Architecture is towards a Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Architecture

Diploma of Engineering is towards a degree in engineering

Diploma of Information Technology is towards a degree in Information Technology

Diploma of Science is towards a Science degree (Science, Physics, and Biology)

You can choose from one of these various courses and go straight into your undergraduate degree.  ☺

There are three different types according to the study period and each type has different entry requirements. 


I have been giving information about UTS course details; the posting is a little bit longer.
I’ll finish here hoping that you’ve found the information you need.

“Can I take a short-term course?”

“Are there any promotions or scholarships for the course?”

“I worry because my academic results are not good enough..”

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