COVID19 Impact: Australian Visa / FAQs on visa extension, cancellation, applying and deferment


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Recently, it seemed like restrictions to contain COVID19 are added almost every day, and this situation is affecting many industries and sectors. Food and Hospitality, office jobs and even the cleaning and the field jobs that seemed to have fewer impacts are at risk. And those risks are already occurring. For example, many workers are having their hours reduced or not having any at all.


So we have been receiving many questions from current and future students regarding  Australian student visas, deferment and visa cancellations and so on. This is mainly because many students are working part-time and paying for their rent, living costs, travel costs and even the tuition fees whether they are in long term student visa courses or full time studying courses.

Therefore iWORLD lists up the questions regarding Australian student visa applications, extensions, deferment, and cancellation of current course or visas so far. iWORLD hopes this FAQ would be helpful for everyone who was confused by receiving different answers through uncertain channels or rumours.


  1. Deferment

Q1. I was told that the course has been switched to online classes, but I think it is difficult to take my course by online. Can I apply for a deferment? 


Yes, however you are not eligible to apply for a deferment due to COVID 19 if you are in Australia according to the Australian immigration website. It is only available for students who are outside of Australia to apply for a deferment. Therefore it could be answered that you cannot stay in Australia if you take a deferment from school. However, regardless of the situation, you can still apply for a deferment due to compelling and compassionate circumstances (medical illness or injury that disrupt your study severely) the same as before even if you are in Australia.


Q2. I applied for a deferment; will my current student visa could be paused? 


No, there is no pause on your student visa. For instance, if you have received a 3-year student visa and studied for one year with 2 years remaining, your visa’s expiry date will not be changed even if you applied for a deferment no matter the duration. Therefore, the problem is, you need to renew the visa before your visa expiry date to complete your study if you take a deferment. The possibility of visa refusal would be very low if your reason for the deferment was reasonable thus the only disadvantage is that you need to pay extra student visa applying fee.


Q3. Can I go back to my home country and take online classes? 


In fact, the colleges and universities cannot say ‘No’ for this question. However, nobody knows how long online classes will go on for, and prohibition of entry into Australia is still going on for next term/semester. There is a possibility that you should apply for a deferment if the colleges and universities run normally. ** This part could cause problems. As we cannot predict the future situation and what will happen so leaving Australia is not recommended at this stage.


Q4. I applied for a deferment because the colleges/universities allow me to do so. Do I need to inform the Australian Immigration department? 


No, you don’t need to update by yourselves. It is not necessary to inform your changes of CoE or a deferment due to COVID 19.


  1. Withdraw the course


Q1. I decide to withdraw my course instead of taking a leave of absence to go back to my country. When do I need to leave? 


Usually, it is recommended that you leave Australia within 28 days from the date of CoE cancellation. However, it is hard to get a flight ticket due to the frequent cancellation and changes of flight schedule; you can stay a few days longer than 28 days if your visa is valid.


Q2. If I cancel/withdraw the school then, will the Australian student visa be cancelled too?


No, I have received some inquiries saying that ‘my CoE was cancelled so I will apply for visa cancellation and move on to a bridging visa for the rest of the time until departure’: You can precede your visa cancellation after arriving in Korea. Also, you can apply for a refund from your OSHC for the remaining period while you apply for the visa cancellation.


Q3. I would like to cancel the school, can my previous studies in Australia be recognized and be credited when I come back to restart my course in Australia?    


It depends on your course and how much you had completed (how many terms you had studied within the full duration. ) For example; you chose the package course of Certificate III & IV and Diploma and you applied for cancellation after finishing Certificate III and the first term of Certificate IV, then you can be credited for the units in the Certificate III but for the units of the first term in the Certificate IV is uncertain. If the school you choose later has the same units you studied then it can be recognised but still, there is a high chance of no recognition. You must check this with your current school.


  1. Visa extension 


Q1. I heard that bookings cannot be made for a visa medical examination, Can I apply for a new visa or a visa extension? 


Bookings for medical examinations are stopped temporarily and now you can request for appointment on the website. You can still apply for a student visa renewal. Also, in the Australia Immigration website, it says: the Australia Immigration Department is well aware of the heavy delay in medical examinations and no additional updates are required from you. Visa approvals are still going on for the students who apply for a visa renewal in Australia and have finished their medical examinations.


Q2. I am holding an ETA visa and it will end soon, can I extend it or switch it into a student visa? 


Yes, you can renew an ETA visa. However, you need to remember that it will be renewed for three months in the usual case, but sometimes only for one or two months. iWORLD carries out visa services and we don’t recommend the students planning to apply for a student visa after renewing the ETA visa once, we do not recommend you apply for a student visa if you had already renewed your ETA visa. Nowadays a student visa approval has become harder for an ETA visa holder so I would like to tell you to find other options such as avoiding the renewal of your ETA visa if you are planning to apply for a student visa.


Q3. I have about one month until the visa expiry date. When should I prepare for a student visa? 


The student visa process includes the schooling procedure, visa document preparation, insurance, etc. You can start now without hurry or contact us at least 2 weeks before the expiry date.





In addition to the FAQs, there were many inquiries about a reduction in tuition fees due to online classes; however, it totally depends on the school you are attending, so you need to check with your school.


Usually the class of your school is a mix of partial online teaching and face-to-face teaching to allow for 20 hours per week. (the portion and hours vary from schools, except for English courses) so some school plans that move up the scheduled online classes and face-to-face classes later. In this case, when students complained: ‘since the classes were switched to online, the tuition fee should be reduced’ and the school had answered: ‘the face-to-face teaching will be happening later so there is no reduction in tuition fee’.

However, a school might allow additional instalment if the payment date is near, so please check with your agency and/or school.



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