Australia Education


[Australian Education]

Schooling in Australia includes Kindergarten, pre-primary, primary, secondary, high school, or university. Minimum until the age of 15 is compulsory education and usually takes about 13 years. Classes are usually small, with up to 30 students, and are taught by professional, university-educated teachers and high-quality facilities. Australian schools primarily aim to develop students into independent, creative, and active students. That’s why schools offer a ‘Gifted and Talented program; for high-achieving students and a ‘High Achievement’ program for students who want to study college-level subjects. 


[AQF specification for the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education]

The purpose of the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education qualification type is to qualify individuals with knowledge, skills, and values for diverse pathways to further learning, work, and effective participation in civic life. 
Senior Secondary Certificate of Education qualifications is not located at a particular level in the Australian Qualifications Framework. It must be designed and accredited to enable graduates to demonstrate the learning outcomes expressed as knowledge, skills, and the application of knowledge and skills specified in the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education descriptor. 



Upon completion of high school (Year 11 and 12), students take an exam and receive an official certificate. Regardless of the name of the certificate, this certificate is recognized by all Australian universities and graduate schools, vocational education and training institutions, as well as many institutions internationally. 

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