Nowadays, more people are planning and carrying out more immigration than at any point in human history. Immigrants plan to migrate in many ways and for many reasons. People from all over the world immigrate to improve living standards, gain better educational opportunities, or escape poverty and conflict. Advanced technologies in transportation and communications are also motivating more people to live and study abroad. In particular, Australia is one of the popular destinations for migrants to live, work and support their families.

❚ Advantages of immigration to Australia

Job opportunities

Skilled workers are lacking in many professions in Australia, so many employers bring skilled workers to Australia each year on long-term work visas. As long as you have mastered the skills and technics, you have more job opportunities.

Weather conditions

Australia has mild winters, warm or hot summers, and generally good weather. Northern Australia is tropical and the southern regions are cool in winters and hot and dry in summers. The frequent sunshine and mild evenings are attractive conditions, especially for those moving to Australia to escape the long winters or summers.

Cultural diversity

The diverse culture found in Australia allows migrants to quickly adapt to their new community. Thanks to this background, Australians have less racist and less culturally conflicted because they respect cultural diversity and respect each other’s traditions.


Quality of life

Australia is a country that has a highly conserved natural environment due to its abundant natural resources, low pollution levels, and low population. In addition, as Australians enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, a leisurely culture is also highly developed, which ensures a high quality of life by maintaining an appropriate work-life balance.

❚ Different ways to immigrate to Australia

Independent skills immigration

: This is an immigration method that applies through the Australian visa process system called ‘SkillSelect’. The Australian Skilled Immigration Program is aimed at people with the skills and knowledge to contribute to the Australian economy, simplifying the complex visa application process and improving the employability of skilled migrants. You may be nominated by Australian state and local governments as a suitable person. You must meet the minimum total score of 65 (upgraded in 2018) to receive an invitation from the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship after submitting your letter of intent (EOI) to SkillSelect to finalize your permanent resident visa application.  


State-sponsored skills immigration

In the case of provincial-sponsored immigration, each state-sponsored score is added up in the score table for skilled immigration, and invitations are received in descending order of score. You can check the occupational groups that can be supported by the state on the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Immigration. You can check whether the following subclasses are included in the occupation. In addition, it is necessary to check in advance whether each state is sponsoring the relevant occupational group.

(Provincial job listings are likely to be updated periodically by your state)


– 190 visa (Subclass 190, Skilled Nominated Visa)

– 491 visa (Subclass 489, Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa)

Employment immigration

The purpose of this is to not only solve the Australian labor shortage by granting visas to excellent talents from abroad in order to acquire the skills and manpower necessary for each job type in Australia but also to grow the Australian economy and absorb the skills of talented people into Australia. Currently, the types of visas available for employment immigration are as follows. 


– TSS visa (Subclass 482, Temporary Skill Shortage Visa)

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