About iWORLD

iWORLD Global was established in 2002 in Sydney, Australia to provide essential needs for International students. The business has expanded rapidly since its establishment. We support on/offshore international students who are from South Korea, Mongolia, Latin America, Thailand, and Vietnam to study in Australia.

We have a Sydney head office, Melbourne and Brisbane branches in Australia, Seoul in South Korea, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia to provide more reliable information and promote Australia & Australian Education to students who would like to study in Australia. We also have migration agents in Sydney and Brisbane to give guidelines to students who want to migrate to Australia after their studies.

iWORLD Global aims to be a reliable bridge.

Under the name of ‘Study in Australia’, we have been working as a genuine and reliable agent for the students. With our new branding and understanding of students’ best concerns, we set our ideal role and aim in this industry. We want to not just be an education agent but act as a bridge between people and school, people and country, school and school, and country and country.

We believe that this ‘connection’ is a valuable stepping stone to create a more valuable future. Their success means our success. Therefore, we are constantly striving to provide honest and accurate service to our clients and partners.

iWORLD Global has a proven record of quality and effective international student recruitment. This is our valuable asset created over a long period of 20 years. All our staff members are well trained and equipped with up-to-date information on institutes and their courses to provide outstanding services to our clients.

We look forward to working with you to achieve the same aims in the exciting and challenging field of education.

iWORLD Services

iWORLD Global has a variety of services for our students and partner institutes in Australia and overseas. We provide students and partners with current and up-to-date information on studying in Australia and assist students to adapt their lives in Australia. Every staff is well trained to have accurate information not only on institutes, courses and visa application but also greater knowledge about living and adapting to a life away from their homes. 


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